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50,000 hits trying to guess my password

Overnight this site had over 50,000 attempts to guess my password. Most were the common, stupid passwords like “password” and “12345678”, but there was a list of what looked like passwords that someone might actually use.

I use a plugin I wrote myself to block these. Unfortunately I have to pay a higher price to host this and my other sites because of spammer traffic. All my sites are receiving this kind of attack, and all of my sites use a combination of plugins and the .htaccess file located at

So far I have been lucky.

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Working on things

I’ve been using as my experiments site for a few years. I moved to a new host a few months ago and made the decision to delete the content. It was just too much to maintain. Also, Amazon cancelled my account because it looked like a pirate site to them. So when I copied the site to the new hosting company everything was dusted.

All that I kept was the Craigslist search and the Amazon searches. I found that there are lots of people hitting both. The Amazon searches were being abused. Someone was running a robot that hit it thousands of times a day. I have turned that off, but the Amazon search is too cool to abandon.

I am now setting up an RSS version of the Amazon search so that I can automatically load that into a page and then have the page automatically update every day. I can then use my protection plugins to ban wgets, php file gets, Java reads, and obnoxious robots. The actual location of the RSS feed will be from another site and not related to the wordpress feeds.

In the next few weeks I will sneak a little time in at work to convert the Amazon search into an xml formatted feed and then place a bunch of canned searches on web pages.

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